Sunday, June 17, 2007

We believe in the power of Prayers – Edith Burgos

We firmly believe in the power of prayer. We launched a prayer campaign as we continue our search with the hope of finding Jonas alive.

We call this campaign “Pray it Forward”. We aim to gather hopefuls and sympathizers to join the families of all victims of forced disappearances and pray that their loved ones be surfaced.

We will be giving out prayer cards to friends, relatives and concerned citizens with a request that they pray for the early release of Jonas and that all victims of enforced disappearances be surfaced.

We ask each of you who receive a prayer card to please pass on the prayer to your friends, relatives, colleagues and others. Help us to reproduce our prayer card and pass it on to as many people as you can.

Be with us as we humbly ask our Lord to help us locate my son, and that all the victims of enforced disappearances be surfaced and the suffering of grieving families be put to an end.

We also call on other congregations to hold Eucharistic celebrations in their areas and let the grieving mothers’ call be echoed everywhere. Your prayer is for the government to act fast and not play deaf and mute to the clamor for justice by the families of the victims.