Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Año's Appointment, A Sad Day For Human Rights Victims and Defenders

This is a sad day for human rights victims and defenders. Truly with the appointment of Gen. Año as army chief there is no hope at all that justice will be obtained for human rights crimes during the watch of Aquino.
I fear for defenders, victims and independent minded human rights workers. With so much power in the hands of a head of an Institution reputed to be a violator of human rights, we can only pray to the Lord Almighty to have mercy.
With all the pieces of evidence gathered in the case of Jonas, pointing to Año and his co-officers, I believe that at one point during Jonas’ disappearance, Año had custody of Jonas.
This scourge forced on us will only bring out a more dedicated commitment to the cause of human rights.
We take comfort in the thought that the One Judge sees all and will extract payment.
-Edith Burgos, mother Jonas