Friday, March 28, 2008


( A celebration of thanksgiving and love)

Yesterday marked the 11th month since Jonas was forcibly abducted. Today, Jonas turns 38.

With family and friends, we celebrate this gift of life in spite of the fact that Jonas remains to be missing because Jonas continues to be a gift especially to the disappeared and their families. We believe that by his being disappeared, Jonas is accomplishing the mission he was sent on earth to do, which is - by his disappearance, Jonas has given a face to those who have been victims of enforced and illegal disappearances. And the family joins its will to the Almighty who decrees all things.

If Jonas is the altar upon whom our Oblation of Love must be offered, then we celebrate this gift in the spirit of thanksgiving. We also celebrate it in the spirit of compassion for those who have been instrumental in Jonas’ disappearance.

Those who have ordered his abduction, those who have abducted him, those who have tortured him, those who continue holding him captive . . . we address this message: The heavenly Father is a merciful God. He forgives all, all that we must do is to approach Him and ask for forgiveness and live a renewed life. We pray that all of you would be enlightened and right the wrong/s you have done to Jonas and the other disappeared. If before, you had to act upon orders of your superiors, today, you are freed from that and must listen to the voice of our Lord. Abduction and killing will always be wrong. It will always be a sin. It is not only those who have participated in the ordering, the abduction and all the means that lead to Jonas’ continued disappearance who are guilty, but also those who have the knowledge but do not act to help in the surfacing of Jonas and victims of disappearance sin as well. How can we face the Lord when we attend services, or pray to Him, knowing our hands and hearts are soiled by this participation?

It is not too late. The choice is yours. The benefit and the gain you get for your continued silence and participation in this sin will only last for a lifetime at most, but the damage it will do may mean the loss of your soul for all eternity.

We plead to those who have the knowledge of how we can find Jonas to come out clean and to make right the wrong they have committed. Call us, see us, talk to our friends. Help us find Jonas. You have been forgiven. We pray for your soul.

We want to celebrate Jonas’ 38th birthday with love the way Jonas loved his country.

March 29, 2008