Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jonas Burgos photo surfaced

5 years and 338 days of search and only a photo of Jonas Burgos surfaced.  Taken days after he was abducted...a handkerchief used as blindfold still around his neck.  It is the family's hope this photo and other newly found evidences will finally bring them closer to finding Jonas Burgos.

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On Jonas' 43rd Birthday

March 29 was Jonas’ 43rd birthday.  Today the family will be able to give him a special gift. 

This gift is newly found evidence, which we believe will lead us closer to finding Jonas.

While the family and friends of Jonas unwaveringly pursued the truth (about the enforced disappearance of Jonas) confident in god’s mercy, never before throughout the search has been this kind of evidence been uncovered.

The hope that has been sustained by bits and pieces of discoveries and the fidelity of those who journeyed with us in the search has been further strengthened by this new evidence.

We submit to the judicial process and offer this uncovered evidence to the courts.

We plead to the President, the Supreme Court to act on this petition.

We offer prayers for those involved that they may be enlightened and they would have the courage to say the truth.

Edita Burgos
3. 31.2013