Friday, April 27, 2012

5 years of search for Jonas

April 28, 2012 marks the fifth year of the disappearance of my son,Jonas Burgos. Jonas’ family commemorates this day by looking back atthe five years of search. We recall how we have exhausted every
possible peaceful means available to us within the limitations of
resources and information.

We have encountered numerous attempts at individual and institutional
cover up and confronted these with more determination to uncover thetruth. The denials, the stone-walling, the labeling, all the lies andeven the indifference have only encouraged us to pray some more and tolook at others with the eyes of a Christian heart. Undeterred, our search must go on.

At every turn of the uphill path of the search, something and someone
would somehow turn out to be His Providence supplying what was needed
for the moment. The particular grace would always be on time… just
enough, and would, in spite of the pain and seeming helplessness… fuel
a renewed vigor to search for the lost son, the lost brother, the lost
husband, the lost father.

We may have been denied our petitions in court. We may have been
perplexed by inaction from the authorities. We may have been reduced
to ‘just’ a number among those searching for the lost love, relegated
to the pages of a report on human rights violations in the country.
Yet the search has been a journey where hope, enkindled at the very
start, has grown and has been nourished. For indeed, as we have read,
heard and believed… grace would abound where trials exist.

We continue looking for Jonas with hope. God in His Mercy will hear
our prayers. “ Jay hold on, we will not give up.”

Edita Burgos
Statement for the 5th year of Jonas Burgos' disappearance

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